I am pleased to offer you this Taurus Overview so you may better understand your zodiac.

Taurus Overview: General

Born April 21st through May 21st

Though often easygoing and relaxed, Taureans can sometimes land on their stubborn side. They will only let people as close to them as they desire, which can unfortunately cause others to see them as snobbish or withdrawn. Just like the Bull, if bothered when alone, Taureans will become angry and lash out. They want their lives to remain secure in their own hands, but when caught on a good day, Bulls are very sensual beings and thought to be peaceful and determined.

Taurus Overview: Love

Taurus the Bull would be wise to search for someone who meets most (if not all) of their expectations at the outset – they are often stubborn and clingy. This can result in unfortunate outcomes in their relationships, especially as they feel the need to be in control of most decisions. Taureans need a partner who can meet not only their intellectual needs, but also their emotional standards and compatibility. This sign may be the first of their friends to settle down and start a family. However, they won’t commit to that unless they find the perfect fit.

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