I am pleased to offer you this Scorpio Overview so you may better understand your zodiac.

Scorpio Overview: General

Born October 24th through November 22nd

One of the more mysterious signs of the zodiac, Scorpios tend to wear a mask, hiding their true feelings from others. This sign must be weary of coming off as too negative, because their attitude can often land them in hot water. Considered “old souls”, they have wisdom beyond their years and are good at shedding light on others problems. This makes Scorpios very perceptive. They can have difficulty figuring out how to make their own happiness, but once they let their walls down, they are found to be very passionate people.

Scorpio Overview: Love

Scorpios are interesting to date because they drive full force into relationships, wanting all or nothing. Their passion for lovers can be endless. But because their emotions can be high strung and strenuous to uncover, it makes for unsteady circumstances. Also, they tend to hide their feelings behind a mask and rough exterior, so their partners may realize it will take the effort of moving mountains to see behind it. Scorpios best find control in their relationships by not revealing too much. This is a learned trait that needs adjusting if they are to find harmonious relationships.

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