I am pleased to offer you this Pisces Overview so you may better understand your zodiac.

Pisces Overview: General

Born February 20th through March 20th

Pisceans’ secret desire is to never feel alone in the world, and to surround themselves with people who care deeply about them. Pisces is an extremely sensitive sign. Those born under it have empathy that extends much farther than the rest of the zodiac. Though this is what makes them unique, their emotions can also be their downfall. They can get lost in their own fantasies, forgetting about the realities in their life. This can be positive, as Pisceans make great artists in film, music, or acting. They must be careful though, or risk losing track of their direction or control over their life path.

Pisces Overview: Love

A very complex sign of the Zodiac, Pisceans often hold onto old baggage from previous loves, which can create rocky roads in new ones. They fail at times to remove their rose-colored glasses. Often times they use their imaginative power to gloss over unwanted scenarios or details. They seek a partner who will become their better half, which can be suffocating if their lover is not looking to shoulder such a burden. Pisceans are forgiving at heart, and can be easy going and romantic when they find someone who fits their nature perfectly.

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