I am pleased to offer you this Libra Overview so you may better understand your zodiac.

Libra Overview: General

Born September 24th through October 23rd

One of the most social signs of the zodiac, Libras desire to create harmony in their lives and amongst everyone they meet. Libras tend to have good taste in all matters. They seek to find a partner who challenges them intellectually, and can inspire and motivate their own goals and desires. Though not judgmental, they can be highly competitive and make good diplomats because they are able to maintain peace and understanding in many situations.

Libra Overview: Love

Harmony in relationships is a must with Libra the Scales. If any sort of conflict arises, they prefer to carry on through as normal, not truly confronting the ugly issues at hand. Partners will sometimes find it is not easy to figure out what exactly their Libra desires in a relationship. This is often because Libras don’t always know this information themselves. They must learn to not ignore the difficulties of relationships. Libra must work to confront what is and isn’t working. This allows discovery of what will benefit them in their heart.

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