I am pleased to offer you this Leo Overview so you may better understand your zodiac.

Leo Overview: General

Born July 23rd through August 21st

Leos are known for their need to be the stars of the show. Trendsetters and leaders, they can survive any storm that comes their way. In relationships, they give their partners their full attention, and expect the same in return. Leos need constant words of affirmation. Sometimes pride and ego can cloud their better judgment. But in the end, Leo’s care immensely for those close to them, and know how to show it.

Leo Overview: Love

In the beginnings of a new relationship, Leo the Lion may be completely blinded by love and not see the flaws in their lover that will later grind their gears. Once they realize all the characteristics they dislike about their partner, this can be quite hard to deal with. Indeed, Leos have difficulty with accepting others’ faults. Leos tend to also become bored easily, needing excitement and fire to sustain the relationship. In relationships, this sign needs to learn to get a grasp on their judgmental views, and to understand not every day with a loved one will be an exciting, crazy one.

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