I am pleased to offer you this Gemini Overview so you may better understand your zodiac.

Gemini Overview: General

Born May 22nd through June 20th

Extremely talkative, Geminis are the communicators of the Zodiac. Many go on to be either writers or fluent in multiple languages. They are very adaptable and sociable beings, and are always on the move looking for their next experience. Geminis should be weary of ending up in financial situations that are not favorable. They love to spend, spend, spend! If not careful, this financial recklessness will land them in trouble with their partners.

Gemini Overview: Love

With an abundance of energy, Geminis seek a partner who is willing to set out on an adventure of a lifetime. This sign constantly wants to be on the go and see the world, and they need a partner who will be able to adjust to the endless moving. Because of this excitement for life, they tend to not pay as much attention to their relationships. This can often make partners feel as though they aren’t included in decisions or daily life. Gemini need to learn to balance their priorities and make time for the important people in their lives, or risk losing them to their fast-paced lifestyle.

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