Free May Report

I am offering your May Report at no cost as an introduction to my VIP program!

I charge $25/month for my VIP service, but this week, I am offering your first month for free! So if you subscribe today, you will receive your personal May report (along with a few other goodies)…for FREE.

What you’ll receive

  • Your May report will focus on your Rising sign. The Ascendant is often overlooked despite its heavy influence in Astrology. You might not even know what your Rising sign is! This month we will explore your Ascendant and what it means for you and your path ahead 🙂
  • A calendar overview that you can bookmark or print out. Follow the planets all month long, and plan your life around important transits.
  • A personal tarot reading to go beyond your birth chart to fill in any gaps in your reading.
  • Direct access to me via my private email. Ask questions throughout the month, I am here to help! I respond in-depth to my VIPs 24/7.
  • Automatic enrollment in my VIP program to receive a new report each month, so you can be your best self and prepare for what lies ahead!