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Prashna Reading

About Rachnaa Rachnaa learned her techniques from her father who is known as the “King of Astrology” by his clients, immensely valued for his insight and guidance. She has been trained in the mystical science of Vedic Astrology with many family secret astrology paddhati or techniques. She has assisted her father since her childhood, and developed her intuition… Read More »

Love Reading

When clients request love readings, I look at their Venus and Mars signs. These are the planets of love, romance, attraction, and desire. I will prepare your personal love reading by studying Venus and Mars in your chart, giving you insight into the days ahead.

Psychic Reading

I love answering my clients’ questions. I always strive to give honest information that will help you through your hardships and hopefully bring you closer to the phenomenon which is Astrology. Occasionally I use tarot, runes and oracle cards as well to support my intuition. Using key placements like the Sun, Moon, and their Nodes, along with a… Read More »

Love Match Analysis

Reveal the hidden truth and the answers you seek with a personalized Love Match reading.

Birth Chart Reading

A birth chart analysis reveals a more detailed and personalized description of your zodiac characteristics & future based on the exact date, hour, and location of your birth!