I am pleased to offer you this Aquarius Overview so you may better understand your zodiac.

Aquarius Overview: General

Born January 21st through February 19th

Aquarians like to nurture their beliefs and are quite the humanitarians. They are original people who have a much different outlook on life than their peers. Aquarians are mainly involved in social programs that help others. It is quite common that they make new friends along the way to fulfilling their own inner needs. They are unique in their thinking, able to come up with ideas that are outside the box. Ultimately, Water Bearers are at their best when putting their mind to a task that helps others.

Aquarius Overview: Love

When it comes to relationships, Aquarians prefer to dig deep into their partner’s minds, rather than focusing on their appearance or superficial qualities. They can be very independent in their relationships. Often, Aquarians need to have their own lives going in order to share parts of themselves with others. They are not the type to bombard with messages and calls, because they prefer to connect when together. If Aquarians find that their significant other objects to their constant independence, and this creates friction, they will only move further away from the relationship.

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