Scorpio Birthday Horoscope: 3rd Decan


Third Decanate

Sub-ruled by the Moon
Third decan Scorpio natives are ruled by the moon, and are the most true romantics of all the Scorpios. These people are very connected to their emotions and will seek out a partner that they can grow emotionally with. They are sensitive and very intelligent, but do not like to brag. They are unlikely to deviate from what they feel like doing, and can be seen as stubborn, but they truly know what is right for them. They can be shy, but often just don’t want to butt into a situation without being invited. They may change their appearance often, like the changing phases of the moon, but at their core they will always be emotionally strong and persevering.

Main Influences

Saturn Sextile Sun
This year, the powerhouse planets that are travelling through Capricorn will be assisting you the whole year. Get excited! Barring any negative aspects to other placements, you will have a large dose of power behind anything you try to do this year. From June 21st to December 21st, Saturn will be sextile the third decan of Scorpio and giving you permission to achieve anything you work towards. You’ll feel more patient and more deliberate in everything you do, and if you’ve done the proper planning, you’ll see rewards aplenty.

Pluto Sextile Sun
Pluto will be sextile the third decan of Scorpio for the entire year this year, giving any third decan natives a chaotic positive influence. You’ll feel more confident in yourself and your secret abilities. Maybe you have a hidden passion that no one knows about; now is the perfect time to capitalize on what makes you unique and what your powers truly are. Relationships and personal feelings may feel stronger and more meaningful this year, and this is not a time to shy away from raw emotions. Experience yourself at a real level and feel the excitement!

Jupiter Sextile Sun
Jupiter is sextile the third decan of Scorpio on and off all this year, from February 26th to August 11th, and again October 14th to December 23rd. During these times, third decan Scorpio natives can expect fun and an expansion of personal perspective during this time. There is a likelihood of travel and love, as well as a way with words. If you are a writer or just want to express yourself in the right way, you would be wise to write during this time period. You may have a more positive outlook on life during this time, and you may be tempted to relax and let go, but it might be time to write your best work! Don’t spend the whole time in the lazy river and you’ll thank yourself.

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