Scorpio Birthday Horoscope: 2nd Decan


Second Decanate

Sub-ruled by Neptune
Neptune brings a double dose of intuition to second decan Scorpio natives. These Scorpios might be very involved in creative works or art, and are much dreamier and more forgetful than first decan Scorpios. These people are often very focused on their inner emotional world and struggle to be sure of what other people think of them. They seek out truth and purity in whatever form. Some of these second decan natives will be deceptive, but this is often a by-product of the mysterious magnetism of Pluto and the formlessness of Neptune. These natives are often very spiritual and enjoy the company of animals or plants.

Main Influences

January Lunar Eclipse
The Lunar Eclipse on January 10th will be very important for Scorpio second decan natives, and this influence will last until June 5th. If you have felt bullied or held down, you will be given a chance to process these emotions and beliefs at the time. Be a kind adult to your inner child, and you will be rewarded. Protecting those around you may be important at this time, and your reactions to conflict situations during this time may influence the rest of your year. Being compassionate and protective will reward you later.

Neptune Trine Sun
Neptune will be trine the second decan for the entirety of the year, and this is excellent for your Neptunian nature. Use 2020 to fully tap into your creativity, which could extend to having a child if you are interested in growing your family. There may be illicit substances in your midst at this time, but be aware that boundaries are very nebulous at this time and you should be careful with any experimentation at this time. It is best to avoid anything that might make you lose awareness of your surroundings unless you are very spiritually advanced. This is your year to relax and spend some time with your creative pursuits, and you are likely to receive inspiration from an experience near a body of water.

Venus Conjunct Sun
Venus will be conjunct your decan from November 27th – December 8th this year, and you can expect luck beyond measure during this time. Anything that you want to go off without a hitch, plan for it to happen this time. You will have the abundant power of Venus conjoining your Sun and any other placements you may have in the second decan of Scorpio providing you with a boost of luck. You will feel like the sun is shining on your relationships and your surrounding environment, so be sure to schedule a little vacation for yourself somewhere within this time period.

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