Virgo Birthday Horoscope: 3rd Decan


Third Decanate

Sub-ruled by Venus
Private and reserved with their inner emotions, third decan Virgos feel far more comfortable expressing their individuality through their surroundings. Venus’s influence has infused you with an unwavering love of beauty and all things glamorous. Your love for art and style is reflected in your home, your personal appearance, and perhaps your career path. As a consequence of your sensitive nature, you are easily disappointed by others. However, you give love freely and are fiercely loyal to those who prove they can be trusted. Your worldview veers toward idealistic, and you may quietly judge others who do not hold the same lofty standards.

Main Influences

Jupiter Square Virgo Sun
This invigorating transit provided you with exceptional luck and confidence from February to June of this year and will return in October and last until the end of the year. You will be moved to take high risks that promise high rewards. However, there are only 24 hours in a day, so choose your projects carefully.

Try to funnel your energy into areas that make the best use of your natural talents and offer you tangible payoffs for your efforts. While you may feel on top of the world, don’t forget to keep your ego in check. Boasting too loudly about your accomplishments may cause some rifts in your personal relationships.

North Node in Cancer
The North Node, which represents the ideal self we all strive to become, has been in Cancer since 2018 and remain there until 2020. Although Cancer usually emphasizes intrapersonal aspects such as emotional regulation and vulnerability, when influenced by the North Node, it encourages you to seek acceptance and belonging from the outside world.

Since you are normally a private person, the urge to reach out and connect to others at such an intimate level seems a bit unnatural. Once you realize how much sharing your experiences can positively impact others, you will find it easier to step out into the spotlight. This is also an ideal time to participate in creative, expressive pursuits that require collaborative effort, such as the performing arts.

Pluto Trine Virgo Sun
Slow-moving Pluto symbolizes the destruction of outmoded beliefs to make way for fresh ideas. Since 2018, your Sun has been immersed in magnetic Plutonian energy. This manifests as a strong thirst for knowledge, especially on esoteric topics such as astrology. You may have also noticed that setting up and reaching goals has been almost comically effortless during this period. That is because this aspect acts a bit like a steamroller and flattens obstacles in your path before you even encounter them. Pluto will remain positively aligned with your Sun until 2024, so make the most of these high-flying years.

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