Virgo Birthday Horoscope: 2nd Decan


Second Decanate

Sub-ruled by Saturn
Influenced by the hardened taskmasters Capricorn and Saturn, you are an organized and diligent force to be reckoned with. While you have always been outstandingly accomplished, you tend to reap materialistic rewards and comforts later in life.

You exhibit natural leadership qualities and your colleagues aspire to attain your level of clear-headedness and stability. Paradoxically, you can easily become unhinged when results don’t meet your demanding criteria. When disappointed, your calm demeanor often makes way for cruel criticism. However, you are trusted friend and confidant, and people readily turn to you when they are in need.

Main Influences

Neptune Opposition Virgo Sun

Neptune is rounding out its transit through your Sun sign, which signifies that you are coming the tailend of a period of serious introspection. Since 2016, you may have found yourself drawn to ideas, people, and activities that you would never expect in a million years to attract your interest. As Neptune often symbolizes the image of ourselves as interpreted by others, it may actually have been a close friend or family member who first brought these uncharacteristic talents and pastimes to your awareness.

Despite all this new insight, you may still be susceptible to Neptune’s deceptions, especially when it aspects harshly with your Sun. You may be on the receiving end of some personal criticism, but take it in stride. Filter out this information for any useful observations and discard the irrelevant.

Saturn Direct
After a nearly five months in Retrograde, Saturn goes direct September 18th. During this window without Saturn’s relentless reminders to get yourself in order, you have a chance to take an inventory of your personal goals. If you’ve made some progress, this is the time to pat yourself on the back and acknowledge your victories.

On the other hand, if you’ve failed to get started, or even faced some setbacks, the Retrograde forces you to face the music. Unhealthy habits or diet choices may cause a serious illness or poor money decisions may set your further behind than usual. When Saturn regains its momentum in September, be ready to rise to the challenge.

Jupiter square Neptune
Jupiter will square off against Neptune for the third time this year on September 21st and bring the usual feelings of distrust and suspicion. Be wary of any circumstance that seems too good to be true. If you’ve started a new relationship recently, pay close attention to your gut instincts regarding your new partner. This transit suggests that you may be projecting qualities onto your love interests that they may not actually possess. This is not the time to give the benefit of the doubt. Listen to the words, but watch the feet.

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