Virgo Birthday Horoscope: 1st Decan


First Decanate

Sub-ruled by Mercury
First decan Virgos, guided by the intellectual ruler Mercury, are steadfastly dedicated to their achieving their goals, which are often grandiose and inspiring. You are at your best when you have a destination in mind and a detailed road map to get there.

However, in areas of life, such as romantic and family relationships, where clear directions are rare and obstacles are common, you can become easily frustrated and dispassionate. You rely on your practicality and strong logic to navigate the messier parts of existence. In the worst case, you may ignore these aspects altogether, which can result in a poor work-life balance.

Main Influences

Jupiter in Sagittarius
Jupiter has been making its way through dynamic sign of Sagittarius for the entirety of 2019. Under the magnetic influence of this transit, you have been slowly developing the confidence and self-trust needed to propel you beyond your comfort zone. For too long, you have allowed some of your hidden gifts to remain dormant out of fear that you are not good enough.
Jupiter invites you to step out of the shadows and give yourself a chance to shine. Since Sagittarius is related to curiosity and learning, it suggests that part of your growth will involve returning to school, taking up a new hobby, or switching careers.

Uranus Retrograde
Uranus, the celestial ruler of innovation and radical ideas, entered earthy and practical Taurus in March 2019 and will remain there until 2025. Since this transit began, you’ve taken the first steps toward redefining some of the essential aspects of your belief system and worldview. You may find yourself contemplating heavy topics such as what success would actually look like to you and what lasting impression do you wish to leave on the world.

When Uranus goes Retrograde between August 2019 and January 2020, take advantage of the sudden clarity by planning your next move. No action is needed today. Simply adjusting your perception on ideas that you always believed were set in stone will take you far.

New Moon in Virgo
The energizing New Moon will amplify some of the most challenging Virgoan traits, especially the desire for unachievable perfection. It will be difficult not to feel strained under the weight of your own impossible standards. Lean into your meticulousness by taking on a new project with many moving parts. Maybe start a lucrative side-hustle or try learning a new language. Remember to celebrate every small achievement and remind yourself that progress is progress, no matter how incremental.

Other decans

1st Decanate: Birthdays from August 23 – September 2
2nd Decanate: Birthdays from September 3-13
3rd Decanate: Birthdays from September 14-22