Leo Birthday Horoscope: 3rd Decan


Third Decanate

Mars-ruled Aries and Leo are the fire and gasoline of the Zodiac, and when these energies are combined in one person, the results are as explosive as expected. Your need to move forward is so strong, that you have a hard time sitting still in any sense. You’re constantly tackling new projects or setting (and breaking) new fitness goals. At times, your desire for progress pushes you to take the first step before considering if it’s the right decision. Luckily for you, your independent nature and rock solid sense-of-self provides you with a remarkably accurate gut instinct that rarely leads you astray. Your unique brand of strong-minded ambition can be mistaken for arrogance or selfishness by others.

Main Influences

Uranus trine Sun
This year marked the end of Uranus’ three-year transit with your Sun. Uranus is often referred to as the ruler of intuition, psychic awareness, and higher levels of consciousness. When this energy is positively directed at your Sun, it manifests as a clear-minded understanding of your abilities, your shortcomings, and your ideal vision of your future. This increased sense of awareness helps you identify areas of your life that are moving you towards your best self and other aspects that need to be examined. Uranus will not allow you to drift along. If you are experiencing constant instability in one or more aspects of your life, it may be a sign that your modus operandi is in need of a serious overhaul.

July Lunar Eclipse
The upcoming July 16th Lunar Eclipse will occur in Capricorn, a weighty earth sign, and also combines the somber, emotional energy of Pluto and Saturn. During this time, you may experience an upheaval in what you considered a stable structure in your life. This sudden loss will trigger a period of intensive introspection. While the circumstances are painful, once you reach the other side, the lessons you will learn in compassion and self-awareness more than make up for the temporary anguish. Spending time with trusted family and friends will be crucial to navigating this sensitive time. You will need to feel complete vulnerability in order to fully express your feelings, process them, and let them pass.

Venus square North Node
The presence of the North Node reminds you to internalize the lessons from the past and keep moving forward. The harsh Venusian aspect against the North Node suggests that conflict may arise from incompatibility between some of your professional goals and your relationships. In line with the other important transits impacting you this year, your challenge is to take a very honest inventory of your needs and determine if the choices you have made so far in your life align.

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