Leo Birthday Horoscope: 2nd Decan


Second Decanate

Jupiter’s influence integrates the light-hearted and optimistic Sagittarian nature into the outgoing and social temperaments of Leo. As a result, you exude a fun-loving and energizing presence whenever you enter a room. While you never shy away from hard work, you have an uncanny ability to find a playful angle to even the most serious challenges. Not only do you crave authenticity, fairness, and equality, but your idealism drives you to bring these qualities to every interaction you engage in. You tend to view problems analytically and logically, but relying too much on your philosophical tendencies can cause you to get lost in vague and overly-ambitious ideas.

Main Influences

Jupiter Retrograde
Jupiter went Retrograde in April and will remain so until August. When direct, Jupiter functions as a bulldozer, buzzing down any obstacles that could have slowed you down before you are even aware of them. During the Retrograde, Jupiter’s effects tone down, and this hampers your usually swift progress. While you may find it more difficult than usual to achieve your goals, this slowdown is meant to be restorative rather than negative. Use this period to focus inward and realign your values, needs, and expectations.

Saturn sextile Neptune
This transit has occurred two times before your birthday, in January and June, and another one is on the way in November. Saturn adds practicality to Neptune’s focus on the fantastical, which makes creative pursuits more successful and lucrative. Even with all of the chaos surrounding your work and relationships, make sure to carve out time for self-expression. In the short-term, activities like an art class or reading poetry may serve as a relaxing creative outlet, but thanks to Saturn’s pragmatic energy, the positive benefits will seep into other areas of your life. You may find a way to showcase your newly-learned skills at work, or you may add some of your classmates to your social circle.

Venus opposition Neptune
When Venus, the ruler of idealistic love and beauty, challenges Neptune, it can manifest as an intensified longing for material indicators of success. You may feel that your day-to-day has become monotonous and you may be tempted to inject some adventurousness or glamour into your life through an unaffordable purchase. Be very wary of making an impractical financial decision, since Neptune’s deceptive elements will influence any large transactions. Some typical scams that fall under Venus opposition Neptune energy include buying fake designer merchandise at full-price or putting a down payment on an exotic vacation villa that doesn’t exist.

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