Leo Birthday Horoscope: 1st Decan


First Decanate

Since first decans are ruled by the Sun, the planetary ruler of Leo, they possess all the most extreme manifestations of the most desirable and more challenging characteristics of the sign. As a Leo-Leo, you are naturally extroverted and feel at your best when you’re at the center of an adoring crowd. While your attraction to the limelight will almost guarantee you success and recognition in any career path you choose to pursue, your perfectionist nature makes it difficult for you to truly savor your accomplishments. This relentless pursuit of achievement combined with stubborn independence can lead to workaholic tendencies.

Main Influences

Uranus square Sun
As Uranus, the rebellious planet synonymous with visionaries and revolutionaries, goes through its year-long clash directly with your Sun, it will make setting up any kind of routine nearly impossible. Rather than fighting the inevitable, try to view this unpredictability as an opportunity to express your creativity and gain more insight into your deepest desires. What you may have believed was a straightforward path actually contains many twists, obstacles, and deviations. Don’t be afraid to explore these side trails, the lessons you learn about yourself will be instrumental to your future success.

Mercury Retrograde
Since Uranus is already wreaking havoc on your sense of stability, the chaos of the July Mercury Retrograde may be too much to bear. You must watch your temper during this period to avoid burning any bridges. You may only realize that you overreacted after the smoke clears, and by then, the damage will be irreparable. Coming out of this Retrograde unscathed will require cultivating patience, which is not a quality that comes naturally to you. Rather than reacting to every crisis, try to evaluate the situation cooly. If your livelihood, health, or safety is not on the line, it may be best to let sleeping dogs lie until the Retrograde passes.

Jupiter Trine Sun
After a tumultuous year, Jupiter will connect with your sun, bringing much-needed positive energy in December. At this point, you’ll be battle-hardened from the tough lessons you doggedly acquired during the Uranus transit. Now, with lucky Jupiter’s blessing, it’s time to reap your reward. Your confidence is so high during this period that it may inspire you to do something out of the ordinary. Whether its saying yes to a work opportunity overseas, going back to school to learn a new skill, or moving on from a dead-end relationship, your next step will be ripe with promising possibilities.

Other decans

1st Decanate: Birthdays from July 23 – August 1
2nd Decanate: Birthdays from August 2-12
3rd Decanate: Birthdays from August 13-22