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Can you believe we’re past the halfway mark of the year? That’s right; we’ve crossed June and just passed the Summer Solstice on June 21st, the longest day of the year. It feels like 2019 just started! But if you remember the beginning of 2019, you might recall that we started this year off with a bang, what with two powerful eclipses in January. Well this month is no different – we’ve got two more powerful eclipses coming up, so buckle up, folks! This is going to be a bumpy ride. We’ll get into what these eclipses mean for you specifically a little later, but first let’s discuss what to expect this month in general. As we move further into July, we’ve got fiery Mars coming into just-as-fiery Leo, so expect a boost of energy. Romantic Venus moves into sensitive Cancer, making you feel rather emotional. But most importantly, Mercury goes into retrograde, and you know what a mess that creates. But not to worry, I’ve got a pretty foolproof Mercury Retrograde protocol in place for you – don’t do anything and don’t talk to anyone. Just kidding – sort of 😉

Here is your July calendar. Please bookmark this page or print it out so that you can reference it all month long! You may find it’s helpful to plan dates around the planetary movements so that outcomes are more beneficial for you…I know I do!

And finally, I have pulled a tarot card spread for you, and included this additional insight at the end of your reading. You can jump to my insights here, or simply read on. I provide this extra service for you because I think it is important to have further insight beyond your birth chart and the planets. Think of your tarot reading as filling in any holes in your chart reading!

Introduction to July & Mercury Retrograde

Let’s dive in and break down the month for you! And yes – I’ve included a special focus on Mercury Retrograde, as this is a tumultuous time that has a habit of wreaking havoc in our lives…

Introduction to the 2 Eclipses in July

As I mentioned earlier, this month is full of transformational energy, and it serves as a turning point for you. That’s because there are two eclipses happening this month, and they signify some powerful changes that are coming. On the 2nd of July, we experienced the visual spectacle that was the Solar Eclipse, which always occurs alongside a New Moon, this time in Cancer. As you know, New Moons signify something new starting in your life, but under the eclipse this is increased a hundredfold. And on the 16th, a lovely Full Moon in Capricorn alongside the second Lunar Eclipse of the year. A Full Moon usually means something reaching its fullness or coming to an end, and the Lunar Eclipse increases this a hundredfold as well. The eclipses will carry important messages for you this month, with the Solar Eclipse heralding change and growth, and the Lunar Eclipse referring to a time for harvesting and reaping. These eclipses are powerful turning points in your life as they really open your eyes and show you how you need to manifest change – they point you to the doors that are opening and closing and guide you on how to make the best of the opportunities that are coming your way. Interestingly, we started the year out with two eclipses in January, and now in the middle of 2019, we’ve got two more. You should see these eclipses as more opportunities for transformation – the universe is blessing you with the chance to turn your life around.


Your Tarot Reading

There were some gaps in your reading, so I prepared this additional tarot spread for you! This month, fireworks will be going off in the sky and in your personal life as temperatures – and tempers – will definitely be rising. July promises to be an interesting and fast-paced month overall. Read on to learn more.

Subject: Love (Eight of Wands)

Eight of WandsIn July, you could be in for some excitement in the romance department. Cupid is about to release some flaming arrows. Someone could be coming at you in a bold and sexy way, or you could be the one with the hot and bothered approach to someone else. Either way, sparks could definitely fly! But don’t go picking out the china patterns just yet. This kind of passion may be here today and gone tomorrow. In other words, although this connection could lead to your happily ever after, Cupid’s arrows might just crash and burn instead. Whatever happens, try to keep your feet on the ground, and enjoy the ride.

Subject: Family (Five of Wands)

Five of WandsYou could be in for a somewhat unsettled month when it comes to family matters. There could be some strife between family members. In fact, you may find yourself in the midst of an ongoing battle. At the very least, there may be some challenging situation that will require a group effort to resolve. Maybe you or some family member will be having a problem and will be in need of help. If this is the case, taking an “all hands on deck” approach will be the best course of action. Don’t be surprised if quick fixes fail to work, but don’t give up, either. Success is more likely when all interested parties can come together to work steadily towards a satisfactory solution.

Subject: Money (Knight of Wands)

Four of CupsDuring your quieter moments this month, you may find yourself mulling over your finances and seeing that they’re leaving a lot to be desired. Perhaps you will want to make a purchase and realize that you can’t afford to do so. Maybe you will discover that your nest egg isn’t as big as you thought. Or it could be that your expenses will be higher than you would like. Whatever the case may be, it would be far more productive for you to focus on what you CAN do or what you DO have and enjoy that instead of getting bogged down in hoping for what might have been. That thing you want to buy now could still be yours, but later on once you’ve saved up the money for it. You can reassess your budget to see where you can cut back so that you can put a bit extra aside for retirement or a rainy day. Maybe you don’t actually need that gym membership because you never go, anyway, and maybe you don’t absolutely have to eat out five days a week. Just be realistic, and remember that all is not lost.

Next Month

August is positioned to be an active month, with Jupiter stationing direct in its home sign of Sagittarius, making us all restless and eager for adventure. Combined with Mercury entering Leo on the same day, there is bound to be friction as communication & relationships get fiery. So I will prepare guidance based on your chart on how to cool these tensions and embark on a prosperous and love-filled path through the storm – you won’t want to miss it!