Cancer Birthday Horoscope: 3rd Decan


Third Decanate

If you were born between July 13th and July 22nd, you are a Cancer ruled by Neptune, highlighting the spiritual and sometimes escapist tendencies of your sign. Neptune is the planet that sends us visions of higher-level expressions of our lived-in reality, more beautiful and more precious than the world we know now. These visions may be especially inviting to you, as you are sensitive to the callous ways of the world and dream of a place where your sensitivity is a strength. Your sensitivity is best directed towards study of the spiritual and transcendent realms, where you can tune into truths that will benefit others.

Main Influences

Moon opposite Pluto
This will be an intense year when issues of self-control, power, and communication come to the forefront to be resolved. This process is meant for purification: it is only through confronting issues that are reflections of our internal struggle can we truly be set free from our emotional attachments. Pluto will challenge you this year to reveal your feelings in a positive and healthy way, so you can be seen and heard by those you love. Any actions or patterns you take in order to control a situation you are attached to will be called out this year, in order to be released. Embrace the challenge, you will be much stronger and rooted in your values by the end of this transit.

Moon conjunct Jupiter
Your sensitivity will be increased this year, as will your impatience for your own personal process. Jupiter represents the expansion and inflation of any planet it touches, and in this aspect with the moon, your own feelings will be expansive and require longer time to process. Have patience with your own emotional body this year, as you will be doing a lot of emotional work and need time to heal. The best expression of this transit is in devotion to others: pour your sensitivity and emotion into the service of those who need it. Be a mindful ear and intuitive guide for those who need a guiding hand through their own emotional struggle and relieve some of the pressure on your own.

Mercury Retrograde
Mercury is retrograde in your birth chart this year, so this will be a year of revision and integration. The lessons you learn this year will be profound and reveal more of your true nature to yourself. You will be challenged, and you will grow from the challenge, provided you remember that this is a year for you to learn how to center yourself and your process. Let go of the personal attachment to ego and pride and allow the exaltation of the mind to take over. Analyze your own development and increase your capacity for patience through difficulty. You will be much stronger from the effort.

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