Cancer Birthday Horoscope: 2nd Decan


Second Decanate

If your birthday is between July 2nd and July 12th, your planetary sub-ruler is Pluto! Pluto rules Scorpio, and indicates a high degree of both mysticism, sexuality, and sensuality with this placement. You are highly likely to enjoy the pursuit of mystical and occult knowledge as a way of better understanding the depths of your core. You can achieve great vision and connectedness on a spiritual level if you cultivate focus.

Main Influences

Sun conjunct Moon
This a New Moon Birthday year for you! This is quite a beneficial and intense year for you. You have the capability to call in exactly what you want and make it happen this year. A New Moon Birthday doesn’t happen often, and you can think of it in terms of a New Moon but lasting for the whole year. At New Moons we make intentions for patterns we want to shift or things we want to call in, and then work towards that shift for the whole month. For you, this is a year to make some major shifts in your life, should you want things to change. Take some time before your birthday to set an intention for this year.

Moon sextile Uranus
You will be yearning for some new experiences this year. Uranus is the planet that represents our willingness to take on new forms and bring new experiences to our lives so we may expand how we see the world and our place in it. This year, Uranus makes contact with your Moon, so that indicates that you’re ready for some changes. Be careful not to be carried away by this contact, as Uranus can definitely inspire erratic changes and hair point turns—these don’t always turn out to be the best decisions made in the long run. Instead, look at the places where you feel stagnant or limited, where there hasn’t been a breath of fresh air in a while. Let those parts of you out and invite renovation. You need it.

Saturn conjunct South Node
The time has come to release the white knuckle hold on certain structures of support and security that keep you safe, but also keep you from moving forward. The south node is where our karmic patterns reside—the actions we take without even thinking, because we’ve done them again and again. This is our internal programming, and if we don’t move outside of what we know and are comfortable with, we become stuck in endless repetition. This is a guarantee that that won’t happen this year, as you are due for some changes, and Saturn visiting this karmic point is a clear indicator that some of these programs will be cleaned up.

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