Cancer Birthday Horoscope: 1st Decan


First Decanate

If your birthday is from June 22nd to July 1st, your planetary sub-ruler is the Moon! Since the Moon naturally rules the sign of Cancer, this means you’re a double lunar Cancer. This makes you sensitive at a young age and may be introverted when first meeting new people. It takes you some time to open up ad trust, but once you do, you are capable of great affection and care for others. You love to nest and set up a comfortable, beautiful, and peaceful environment from which you can offer support and care for those you love.

Main Influences

Sun trine Moon
Your emotional needs are in tune with your will and drive this year. You will be able to make choices that satisfy both what you wish for, and what you need to feel happy secure. Your self-confidence will rise as your sense of security and trust in your own self increases. Changes you need to make in order to ensure a beneficial future will be easy to make, as you trust your intuition to guide you towards the environments where you can best express yourself. This is also a good year to deal with any health problems, as the mental and emotional stress will be easier to deal with, allowing you to focus on rejuvenation. This is a sign of a very beneficial year for you: make the most of it.

Pallas trine Ascendant
Pallas Athena is the goddess of strategy and mental development, having been born from Zeus’ head and at her best on the chess board or battlefield, making the moves necessary in order to win. When this asteroid trines your ascendant, you have an excellent opportunity to use strategy and clarity of mind to reach your goals. The way towards actualizing the goals you have set for yourself will make itself clear for you, as long as you are clear on where you want to go. Take some time to develop a clear vision of the goal you can accomplish within the year. Allow the proper path to unfold before you, trusting in the power of your vision and the aid of Pallas Athena. This is the year for solving tough problems and reaching resolve where before there was confusion. Use it.

Jupiter square Neptune
Over inflation of your imagination is highly possible now. Be careful not to celebrate before the final score is in, or to count on a windfall that hasn’t arrived. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, meets Neptune, the planet of idealism, so the chances of getting carried away with your dreams are high. This can be a highly positive sign for the year, provided you stay grounded in reality and take the inspiration to its proper place: creative endeavors. Use this influence to enhance your creativity and inspire your work. Just don’t get carried away with any expectations on the outcome.

Other decans

1st Decanate: Birthdays from June 22 – July 1
2nd Decanate: Birthdays from July 2-12
3rd Decanate: Birthdays from July 13-22