Gemini Birthday Horoscope: 3rd Decan


Third Decanate

Your little slice of Gemini is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, making you the most Aquarian of the bunch. You are incredibly creative, innovative, and flexible. Your curiosity sparks not just academic interest, but real changes in your life, as you incorporate new ideas into your daily rituals. Your creativity is boundless and energetic, and you thrive when given the opportunity and support to explore your interests to the fullest.

Main Influences

Sun opposite Jupiter
You are graced with positive vibrancy, energetic drive, and a generous heart this year. Jupiter is the supremely benefic planet, and this year the planet graces your Sun with the energy of elevation and support. You have higher goals this year, a positive mindset, and very little worries as long as you cultivate trust in your actions and long -term goals. You have nothing to worry about in the career sector: Jupiter will elevate you onto the next platform of success. Be careful with extravagant spending, extreme generosity, and people who appreciate your gifts a little too much. Focus that beneficial energy on your purpose, not on your social influence.

Sun semi-square Uranus
You will require changes in your daily routines this year. Uranus is the planet that symbolizes renovation and change: this year the planet makes a direct connection with your will and drive. You need to have work that stimulates your creativity and freedom, you need room to explore, and you need new daily habits that increase your energy and output. Look to making these changes consciously and positively: endeavor to make a plan now for how and why you will make changes this year. If you don’t direct this energy consciously, it will overtake your daily life unconsciously, and in a more abrupt manner. Accept and embrace this influence and take control of the shifting tide: you will be in a much different place at years’ end.

Venus semi-square North Node
Your charm and grace will win you advancement in your professional life this year, provided you pick a suitable romantic partner to support your work. Venus lends her beauty and ephemeral energy to your life path this year, meaning you benefit from a softer approach: more trust in the universe, less aggressive pushing for your goals. You don’t need to fight too hard or push your ideas too strongly for them to land on the right ears: there will already be people listening to what you have to say, and you will have the grace to say it. Be careful with new partnerships formed this year, and make sure your romantic connection is a true source of loving support, and not an adventurous escapade that will divert you from your path. Your work is more important this year.

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