Gemini Birthday Horoscope: 2nd Decan


Second Decanate

If your birthday is between June 1st and June 10th, your natural ruler is Venus, making you more relationship oriented, friendly, and devoted to social causes. Venus influences Gemini’s analytical thinking and detached emotional style and directs it towards a dedication to community, the human condition, and fellow people. You make excellent teachers, guardians, and community leaders. You realize that you are of great help to others, who benefit from your analytical skills and detached emotional processing style.

Main Influences

Venus trine Saturn
You are working on stabilizing your relationships and becoming a better friend and lover this year, dear Gemini. You have realized the value of long-term commitments in relationships, and the growth that is possible when you have people in your life who see you through the many changes and twists and turns your path takes. This year you become a rock in many people’s lives: unmovable, unchangeable, and dependable. Offer your loving care and support to the already existing relationships in your life and watch them flourish. You will need these connections soon.

Mercury opposite Jupiter
You are capable of taking the long view this year, as your vantage point becomes increasingly wide and expansive under the influence of benefic Jupiter. This is the year to recognize how your life fits into the larger pattern of people around you, the special role you play, and what your work is here on the material realm. Why did you become incarnate at this time? You will find fulfilling answers to this question. Just look to how people in your life adore your energy, drive, input, and support. Witness your influence on those around you. You will be magnetic.

Sun semi-sextile Mars
You have ample opportunity, energy, and drive to achieve your goals this year dear Gemini, provided they are set within realistic expectations. Take some time before your birthday to get clear on what you’d like to achieve this year. Make a list or vision board of where you’d like to be at years’ end and keep track of your goals as you achieve them. You have a powerful ally in Mars, the planet of agency and activity this year, and you will be able to harness that power into action.

Other decans

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