Taurus Birthday Horoscope: 3rd Decan


Third Decanate

If your birthday is between May 10th and May 19th, then your planetary ruler is Saturn. Your slice of the universe is full of challenging and inspiring stars and constellations, making this section the most chock full of artists, bohemians, and creative types.

Main Influences

Venus in Taurus
Of all the Taurus’ in the world, you are the most likely to tie the know this year. With Venus in your own sign of stability and steadfastness, you seek long term commitments and stable relationships. You’re not one to take too many risks this time, and you’re likely to date someone who expresses the desire for commitment and long terms plans. If you’re already in a relationship, you may seek to make a show of commitment to your partner, such as marriage.

Moon in Libra
Another sign of the importance of relationships this year for you, dear Taurus. With the moon in Libra in your birthday chart this year, you have a strong desire for a relationship with someone. You are far more likely to accommodate other people and their desires this year, as you are willing to compromise in order to secure a relationship. You have a strong desire for harmony in relationships, home, and work settings, and will try your best to be diplomatic and calm in all situations.

Saturn conjunct Pluto
This will be an intense year for focusing your energy into one or two very well-defined avenues, Taurus. You have a lot of plans for the year, most revolving around creating security and well-being in your life. But in order to achieve this, you need the career to match. This year you will devote yourself to making that career, business, or project grow exponentially, so that you can build a life from it. Don’t turn away from the intensity with which you desire a certain future—instead, channel it into growth.

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