Taurus Birthday Horoscope: 2nd Decan


Second Decanate

If you were born between April 30th and May 9th, your planetary rulers are the Moon and Mercury, making you highly intuitive and fast at communication and processing. You may play the mother or caretaker to your group of friends, who depend on you for your strength and ability to provide comfort and support.

Main Influences

Moon in Taurus
You will strive to create security and support this year, Taurus. This is the year when you can really set down roots and trust that you are building a long-term home that will be safe and secure for your future. You have done the work of planting the seeds, now you can watch them grow from the safety and security of your own bay windows. You will easily acquire the resources you need to set up the home life you’ve been yearning for. Just work deliberately and with intention this year, and its sure to develop for you.

Mercury trine Jupiter
Mercury is in Aries this year, trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, indicating a year of fiery mental energy and direct communication. You’ll be inspired by going out into the world and meeting new people, telling your story, and finding reciprocity. The trick is that because Jupiter is forming a trine to Mercury you are highly likely to find the help you need for your endeavors by creating new connections and networks. Use the fiery energy of Aries and Sagittarius to ask for what you want, and trust that you shall receive it.

Pluto conjunct Saturn
This will be an intense year for focusing your energy into one or two very well-defined avenues, Taurus. You have a lot of plans for the year, most revolving around creating security and well-being in your life. But in order to achieve this, you need the career to match. This year you will devote yourself to making that career, business, or project grow exponentially, so that you can build a life from it. Don’t turn away from the intensity with which you desire a certain future—instead, channel it into growth.

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