Free November Star Guide


Eeek Mercury went Retrograde on October 31st, and doesn’t station direct again until November 20th, casting a shadow over most of November. These are pivotal days to make sure each footstep is properly placed…the energy is not right for making big changes, and it’s important we side-step different pitfalls.

So…the FREE November star guide that I prepare for you will set you on the right path, and warn you of what’s coming down the pike astrologically!

I charge $25/month for my VIP service, but I am offering your first month for free! So if you subscribe today, you will receive your personal November star guide (along with a few other goodies)…for FREE.

What you’ll receive

  • Your November star guide will be an overview of this Mercury retrograde period and the important transits in your chart in November.
  • A calendar overview that you can bookmark or print out. Follow the planets all month long, and plan your life around important transits.
  • A personal tarot reading to go beyond your birth chart to fill in any gaps in your reading.
  • Direct access to me via my private email. Ask questions throughout the month, I am here to help! I respond in-depth to my VIPs 24/7.
  • Automatic enrollment in my VIP program to receive a new report each month, so you can be your best self and prepare for what lies ahead!