Aries Birthday Horoscope: 2nd Decan


Second Decanate

If you were born between April 1st and April 10th, you are in the second decanate of Aries. This means that the Sun is your decanate ruler, which gives you a creative and honest approach to life.

Main Influences

This year, the two main planetary influences come through the New Moon and a semi-sextile to Neptune.

Your Horoscope

Refresh and Recalibrate
The New Moon in Aries will give you a chance for a personal restart. Now, you can improve your inner attitude and streamline your emotional state.

Trust Your Gut
The battle between your needs and your wants will be a theme for you now. The urge to sweep aside your natural instincts is not helpful when handling tricky situations. Follow your heart and all will be well.

Feeling Prickly
The semi-sextile to Neptune signals that some irritations could be ongoing if you are not careful. Avoid dismissing things as inconsequential when they are not. Life has some ugly moments and you need to face things directly and not bottle them up or hope that situations will sort themselves out.

Tapping In
Dreams at night and feelings of déjà vu will be your clues about when to tune in and pay attention. Your lizard brain will be speaking to you now, you will do well to listen.

Special Dates

If your birthday is on the 4th, 5th, or 6th of April, the New Moon will affect you for the next twelve months.

If you were born on the 7th, 8th, or 9th of April, the semi-sextile from Neptune will influence you over the next year.

Other decans

1st Decanate: Birthdays from March 20-31
2nd Decanate: Birthdays from April 1-10
3rd Decanate: Birthdays from April 11-19