The Elements of Astrology


There are 12 zodiac signs as we know, and each of them has their own defining feature, but we also know that many signs are similar to each other, such as Cancer and Pisces in that they are both very compassionate and sensitive – or Virgo and Capricorn who are very disciplined and ambitious. This is because these signs share the same element. The 12 signs are further categorized into the four elements – fire, earth, air, and water – making what is called a triplicity of three signs per element.

We start with Aries which is a fire sign, then move to Taurus which is an earth sign, Gemini an air sign, and Cancer a water sign. And then the cycle begins again until we complete the zodiac with Pisces. This explains why you often feel closer to the signs from your own element, because these signs share similar characteristics. But fire signs and air signs can get along very well, as can water and earth – but fire and water can be disastrous while earth and air do not get along at all.

Confused? Don’t be – let’s get into the details of the elements so it all starts to make a bit more sense.

1. The Fire Signs

Like fire, these signs burn bright and are full of life and passion. They let their heart rule them and don’t pay much attention to logic or practicality. They are energetic and always down to have a great time – being around a fire sign is like being around a celebrity because their lives are glamorous and exciting and everybody seems to know their name. A fire sign can accomplish anything they set their mind to, and just like fire, they can engulf anything and everything that’s in their path to success.

Aries: With boundless energy and passion, Aries exhibits classic fire sign characteristics.
Leo: The life of the party, every moment of a Leo’s life is full of fire and spark.
Sagittarius: The restless wanderer who’s always looking for the next adventure, Sagittarius is purely fire.

2. The Earth Signs

Like the earth itself, these signs are stable, wise, and grounded. They are governed by a sense of practicality, and are farsighted in terms of what they need to thrive and succeed. They are masters of the physical world, and are reliable and trustworthy, which is why they are often so successful in terms of business and finances. Being around an earth sign means that you are in good hands – they are knowledgeable, responsible, and very hardworking.

Taurus: The most resolute and steadfast of all the signs, Taurus is a classic earth sign.
Virgo: With an eye for detail like no other, and a constant need for improvement, Virgo is earth energy through and through.
Capricorn: Determined, disciplined, and ambitious – Capricorn is grounded and fixed like the earth.

3. The Air Signs

Just like air, these signs are free, light, and breezy. They love to keep things fun and flirty, and are always up for some casual socialization and light fun. They are ruled by their whims and desires of the moment, and love to just go with the flow. Being around them is like being with a socialite who floats along a party but doesn’t stay too long. They are charming and effervescent, but also elusive – you will never be able to completely understand an air sign, and that’s just how they like it.

Gemini: As outgoing social butterflies who love to meet new people, Gemini is purely airy and fun.
Libra: Lovers of all things pretty and flirty and fun, Libra is the very definition of breezy and casual.
Aquarius: Independent, unique, and unrestrained, Aquarius roams as free as the wind and goes wherever life takes it.

4. The Water Signs

Like water, these signs are deep and healing. They rule purely with their emotions, and let their wonderful intuition guide them along life. They are very sensitive and compassionate, and they feel for everyone and everything around them as they flow dreamily from one emotion to the other. Being around a water sign means that you are going to be well-cared for, and that you will always have a shoulder to cry on.

Cancer: The most loving, nurturing, and protective of all, Cancer is just a pool of compassion.
Scorpio: Intense, intuitive and introspective, Scorpio is ready to take a giant dive into the depths of its watery soul.
Pisces: Creative, sensitive, and dreamy, Pisces fluidly creates art and poetry, and is the very definition of water energy.

With a better understanding of your astrological element, you will gain a much deeper knowledge of not just who you are, but who you attract and get along with best – so go and find your tribe! You’re in your element now 😀