Moon Phases & Positions


The Ever-present Moon: A Handy Guide

Every single day, the planets move and combine in different ways to subtly affect our destinies.  I am fortunate to be surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals like yourselves who share a curiosity and respect for these planetary movements. While the movement of the planets and their effects vary month to month, one thing that is consistently exerting her influence over our lives every month is the Moon.

Even when we can’t see her, she’s there, ever watchful. Luna’s movements tap into our primal selves, stimulating our instincts and impulses. Sometimes, this influence is even strong enough to override our conscious planning and decision-making, which is the area of our psyche ruled by the sun.

Since the movements of the Moon are a constant in our astrological lives, I have prepared this handy guide to help you navigate the Moon’s influences. Come back and reference it often whenever you have a question about the Moon’s mystic movements.  

New Moon: Waxing

The New Moon is barely visible in the sky, often looking like it is not there at all. This phase signals the start of a whole new lunar cycle, and therefore represents new beginnings.  This is the perfect time to create a fresh start for yourself and let go of whatever was holding you back.

When the Moon is shrouded in shadow, it is the time to take on new projects, set things in motion, and really allow your instinct to guide you. It’s also the perfect time to make a wish, to set your intentions, and then begin to manifest those things in your life. This is an enthusiastic time, a positive time, full of promise and hope.

Crescent Moon: Waxing

The Crescent Moon’s subtle light shines on what needs to be done. Once you have set things in motion in the previous phase, this time is all about gathering information and learning more about what it is you plan on doing.

The initial enthusiasm and optimism of your idea may have worn off a little, but it has given way to a desire for tangible results. Essentially, this is not the time for hoping but a time for planning. This is when the true process begins, and it may seem difficult, but this is when you will strive in order to see it through.

First Quarter Moon: Waxing

When the first quarter of the Moon is complete, it is time for action. This moment is all about building momentum and speeding things up. Emotions will run high at this time and you’ll feel overwhelmed with all that’s happening around you, but it is important to stay grounded and trust your gut.

Enthusiasm isn’t enough to carry you forward at this stage, and you’ll have to couple it with a sense of awareness and real, deliberate action. Conflicts and obstacles are likely to arise, but it is essential that you stay focused and keep building. Remember your end goal, and keep working to achieve it.

Gibbous Moon: Waxing

As the light of the Moon grows into its gibbous phase, distractions and complications that are trying to hinder your progress will come into the light as well. It’s time to get organized, process information, and integrate new developments into your plans; working hard to stay on track. Don’t let outside forces interfere in your process. Turn to your trusted support system to help guide you back onto the right path.

Now, it’s all about staying focused on getting from one point to the next, whether that’s emotionally or physically. This is also a time for analysis and reevaluation, and adjusting your previous plans to suit the needs of the moment.

Full Moon: Waning

The Moon has now reached her full light and begins to wane. This signifies that what has been in motion has reached its full potential and should be coming to a close. The light of the Full Moon also exposes and reveals vital information that has previously been obscured. It is a time for harvesting what you have sown. Whether your well-worked plans have blossomed or lead to disappointment, the result will be clear now.  

Either way, it is time to move on. The Full Moon is a time for emotional release.  A new perspective emerges now, and a sense of clarity lifts the veil and makes you very aware of what is in your life, of what should be in your life, and also what shouldn’t be.

Disseminating Moon: Waning

The Disseminating Moon allows you to reflect on what you have learned so far, because this is the time for understanding, evaluating, and sharing knowledge and information. Understanding all that has happened thus far will lead to a deep, lasting change in you.

This is a time for a complete transformation, leading to acceptance. Embrace it, and use what you have learned to help guide you along the way. Now is also the time to seek higher powers and divine inspiration. Where you were previously leaning on inner guidance and instinct, you are now turning outwards for help.

Last Quarter Moon: Waning

The Moon is in her last quarter now, and so there is a sense of endeavors coming to a close; a feeling of completion. This is the time for reaping the rewards or facing the consequences. Take a step back during this time. It is best to focus on reflection now, don’t worry about starting anything new.

Evaluate how you have spent your time and what you have accomplished. Appreciate the things that went well and acknowledge your mistakes. Make note of what worked and what didn’t and prepare for the next cycle. This is a time for awareness and consciousness. Soak in the revelations.

Balsamic Moon: Waning

The Balsamic Moon begins to disappear from the sky, signaling the ending of things. This is the time to wrap up and put it all behind you. Tie up all loose ends and step back to rest and reflect. Reach into yourself and connect with your inner being to draw strength and guidance.

This is not the right time to start anything new, you must take this time to recharge and prepare for what comes next. Get together with friends and family, and use these moments to get ready for the many new beginnings that lie ahead. This is an opportunity to consciously set your goals for the next cycle, so use it well.

I hope you’ve found this informative and helpful, dear readers. As always, I am here with you along your journey. Please reach out to me here if you are seeking further guidance, advice, or insight. I am always available for in-depth readings or a friendly chat. If you’re not already tapped in, don’t forget to keep up with your regular monthly and weekly readings by joining my mailing list.