March 2019 Calendar


My VIPs get pretty special treatment 🙂 including a calendar that I prepare as part of their monthly report. It’s an overview that you can bookmark or print out – my clients use it to follow the planets all month long, and plan their lives around important transits.

Would you like your March calendar, in addition to your March report? I would focus your reading on the Mercury retrograde period, as it starts this month, promising to slow & reverse many aspects of our lives. It can be tough to weather the retrograde period, but with my roadmap I know you will come out stronger on the other side!

I send my VIPs a new calendar and report each month – think of it as your monthly roadmap & guide. Looking forward to April, I will prepare in-depth lunar reading, as reflecting on the Moon and her movements has much to reveal. We’ll start with the New Moon on April 5th (a time for fired up beginnings) and move on to the Full Moon on April 19th (a time for a balanced approach to “closing chapters”).

I hope that this is appealing to you, and that we can deepen our relationship. I charge $25/month for this VIP service, and will work tirelessly to make sure your readings exceed your expectations, providing the insight you need to be your best self each month!

And so you can try out my VIP membership, I am offering your first month for free! So if you subscribe today, you will receive your personal March report (along with a few other goodies)…for FREE.

…If you’re still on the fence, you can check out last month’s calendar here to see what you’re missing out on! Continue below for this month’s calendar 🙂