Birth Chart Reading


A birth chart analysis reveals a more detailed and personalized description of your zodiac characteristics & future based on the exact date, hour, and location of your birth!

As you read the interpreted data from your birth chart, you’ll begin to remember your unique personality traits and be reminded of your amazing potential. When you need concrete examples of exactly what you’re capable of, your Birth Horoscope is happy to provide you with them. You’ll be thrilled at the detailed and personalized overview of your character & outlook!


What is a Birth Chart Reading?

In contrast to the basic horoscope reading, a chart reading takes into account more information from your birth to more accurately paint a picture of your zodiac life. Each star sign spans approximately 30 birthdays, and depending if you were born early, middle, or late within the range, the planetary placements and movements will affect you differently. This is why a birth chart reading considers not only your birthday, but the actual time of your birth as well. Further, your birth place must be considered, as being born under the northern versus southern hemisphere, for example, has varying impact on your zodiac. In fact, to prepare your birth chart, I will consider the exact latitude and longitude of where you were born.

Free Birth Chart Reading

An example graph that I used to prepare a Birth Chart reading

What can I expect in my free Birth Chart Reading?

It is important to consider and discuss all aspects of your zodiac, both positive & negative. Therefore, after an introduction into the celestial elements that oversaw your birth, I will give detailed information on your finance sector, touching on money, as well as your job & career. Further, matters of the heart are of particular interest to us all, so I include a section on your love life. Lastly, I include an assessment on your “shadow” elements, which are our personal weaknesses and pitfalls – while uncomfortable, confronting these leads to self-betterment and a more prosperous future.

Sample Birth Chart Reading

If you are interested in seeing an example of how I prepare birth charts for my clients, you can click here.

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