Love Horoscope


I am pleased to offer you this love horoscope for June as few things are as important as matters of the heart.

After consulting the heavens, I have prepared advice to guide you. Whether you are looking for love or already in a relationship, your star chart contains much insight for the coming weeks.

June Love Horoscope Overview

This month, Venus moves into the sign of the Lion. This is an indication that love, and romance, will now reach a higher vibration, where displays of affection will be the norm. The Sun will move into Cancer, in the third week of the month, to shift the cosmic energy towards each individual’s established home life. In the last week of June, fiery Mars, which is the planet of intimacy and desire, will pause its forward movement, and lose a little bit of its powerful momentum. This change of direction is a good indicator that love, as opposed to intimacy, will be the primary driver for romance this month.

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