Lucky Number Horoscope


For all those looking to change their fortunes, I offer this special lucky number horoscope. Each star sign benefits from specific numbers, which I am happy to share after having studied & analyzed the star charts.

Please fill in the form below to reveal your lucky numbers, which I hope bring you renewed fortune.

What is a Lucky Number Horoscope?

There are specific numerals that are fortune bearing, and this changes based on your star sign. For example, Gemini tend to have a duplicitous nature, so they can always gain from double-digit numbers. Therefore the number ten, as is the first double-digit number, will consistently bring fortune for twins. Further, Geminis’ rolling planet Mercury retrogrades for around twenty-three days each reverse cycle and this gives Gemini time to recover and gain momentum again. Hence the number 23 is fortuitous as well. By studying the heavens and drawing parallels between other cosmic phenomena, I am able to make specific recommendations based on your star sign for your lucky number horoscope.

What can I expect in my Lucky Number Horoscope?

For each star sign I have identified three numerals to consider, with a brief explanation as to their importance. Each individual will of course use these differently, some for games of chance, others perhaps for planning a holiday. The choice is yours. If your goal is play the lottery or casino, you may wish to include your own favourite number in private – it is of course important to ensure that your play is unique from other players.

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