Moon Chart Reading


Everyone knows their Sun sign, but very few are aware of their Moon chart, and how this affects their behavior, relationships, and other prospects. While the Sun determines more overt aspects of your will, the Moon rules over instincts, and parts of your personality that you may rather keep hidden. I am offering this giveaway as a chance to receive a personalized Moon Chart reading for free, as I believe everyone should understand their complete astrological profile in order to live a full life.

The difficulty in determining your Moon sign comes down to how we have built our calendar. The calendar is based on the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, so the Sun appears in the same quadrants of astrological charts each year. The Moon however follows a different orbit around the Earth, so its location in astrological charts changes for each date every year, and also based on where you are located on the Earth.

Have you ever wondered how two people with the same sign can be so different? Chances are they were born in different years, or in far apart locations, so the Moon appears in separate signs in their chart.

I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to reveal your Moon sign & learn more about yourself – both the good and the bad – as it will help put you on your best possible path. Please register below for your chance to win!

Important note: If you don’t know some of the required information, for example the time of your birth, it’s important that you research this to the best of your ability. A few hours can make a difference in where the Moon appears in your chart.

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